Addyi® Flibanserin

Molecular Formula 
Molecular Weight  390.40
CAS Registry Number  167933-07-5
Argument for Medical Treatment of Female HSDD

     Flibanserin and Female Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder bring with it more topics for discussion than its male counterpart Erectile Dysfunction. ED and treatments for in men is based more on blood flow to the male sexual organ allowing it to perform intercourse. With Female HSDD, there can be more emotional and metal issues that can get in the way of a woman desiring sexual encounters. Regardless if 1-2 in 10 women experience HSDD to some form and they can't figure out why their sexual desire decreased so much why not a pill that can help if it is available?
     There is a fix for men, why not a fix for women? Woman desire the same kind of sexual satisfaction that males do but woman's sexual make up substantially differs from men's. Men can generally be sexually turned on quickly where as with woman it usually takes more time. While HSDD in men is relatively low, in women then numbers are larger and it can be a factor that interferes with her ability to connect to her partner. Sex is a way to connect to your partner for a woman, if there is something that can increase the desire to do this, it could be a fascinating thing. Obviously a substance like Flibanserin would have to be taken as recommended by a medical doctor and like any drug in existence, to only be taken if it is prescribed to you.
     Flibanserin has the ability to make many women run to their doctors and want to be put on it. Whatever the reasons for causing Female HSDD, a once a day pill could really provide the spark in a woman's love life. There is debate what causes female sexual problems but they often stem from issues to do with ones schedule. For some women, between a job, children, household chores and the stresses that come with them it can be easy to become burnt out and not feel like having any sexual relations with your partner. But others argue that some women in these situations are not affected so it could be genetic or unknown reasons why there is a chemical imbalance. And of course there could be relational issues preventing sexual feelings.
     An important point to make with the argument for medical treatment of HSDD is that it becomes an issue that a woman is not feeling pressured into taking it because of her partner. If the woman is thinking that her desire has fallen radically and that this is a treatment she would like to explore than it could be a good thing. There is room for abuse if someone is feeling forced to take a medication they don't think they need.

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