Addyi® Flibanserin

Molecular Formula 
Molecular Weight  390.40
CAS Registry Number  167933-07-5
Argument against treating Low Female Libido with Flibanserin

     HSDD is a new term given to woman said to have a low libido. Their desire for sexual encounters they once had seemed to have pretty much faded away. But the thought of treating this with a drug is troubling for some. There is good reason to believe that the vast majority of females not desiring sexual encounters are due to a relational breakdown with their partner and deeper rooted issues psychologically and that no drugs should be introduced to solve this problem when it should not be touched by pharmaceuticals.
     Some people are saying that the HSDD is either completely made up for a condition that does not exist and that the actual numbers of women who apparently suffer from this are a fabricated attempt by big pharma to push medication on any unfavorable condition in life. Women are very different in their sexual make up. Men can often be turned on quickly and need no emotional contact with their partner to enjoy sex. Woman on the other hand most often need an emotional connection and good feelings towards their partner to enjoy sexual encounters. If a woman feels she is missing this emotional connection with her mate, she most likely will not want to have sex. This can often be cultivated by the male by "treating her nicely" and spending time with her. But if a male simply wants sex with his partner and she has not felt these, it cannot simply be treated with a pill and that solves all issues. Woman need love, affection and intimacy from their partner to enjoy sex, males do not.
     A possible abuse issue is for men to force their partner into taking this medication to increase their desire. A man could simply think that if their woman is not interested in sex when he is that it is need for a prescription. This is due to the thinking on the male end that females work the same way that males do regarding sexual response. There is a need to educate men on how a woman works sexually to help this problem, not drugs. It is also a difficult "disease" to quantify, if you desire sex less than someone else does it require a medicine? What if a woman is satisfied with the number or sexual encounters she has with her man? It is hard to define a normal sex drive and what needs help.

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